Written by David Fisco
23 June 2013
Word count: 162
Here's a quick tip that has saved me a few times in the kitchen.

If you use a digital scale to measure in the kitchen (and you should be using a digital scale as much as possible so you get better measurements), create a spreadsheet or paper list of all the bowls and containers you cook with and their weight in grams and ounces.

You'd be surprised how often this information can be used in the heat of cooking. Let's say you've just mixed some cake batter in the bowl of your stand mixer. Now you need to divide the batter evenly between two cake pans. If you know how much your empty mixing bowl weights, you can subtract the weight of the empty bowl from the total weight of your bowl with batter to determine how much your cake batter weighs. Divide that number by two and you can weigh out equal amounts of batter into your pans. No more "eyeballing" it!