For cooks of all levels of expertise, a collection of recipes and culinary arts articles by David Fisco.

Nutmeg, Cinnamon and White Merlot Cupcakes

A strongly-flavored wine cupcake

Yellow Cake

Just a yellow cake, nothing more

Piña Colada Cake

The flavors of a piña colada in a light and fluffy cake

Creamy Rum Pasta Sauce

A piquant sauce with layers of flavor

Parmigiano-Reggiano Orange Cheesecake

The “king of cheeses” incorporated into a cream cheese cheesecake

Vegan Garbanzo Bean Almond Cake

An almond-flavored cake with a surprising ingredient

Campari "Champagne" Cocktail Cake

A subtly-flavored cake with Campari, champagne and strawberry elements

Strawberry "Champagne" Cake

A moist strawberry cake with champagne elements

Baked Hummus Lasagna

A savory vegetable lasagna

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Cake for Two

A sophisticated, sumptuous cake to be shared by two adults

Hannah Glasse's Pound Cake: 2016

A modern take on a timeless pound cake

Pineapple "Champagne" Cake

A soft pineapple cake with champagne elements

Orange "Champagne" Cake

A soft, boldly-flavored orange cake with champagne elements

Deep-Fried Dinner Biscuits

Like a hushpuppy, but with wheat flour, garlic, onions and olives.

Apple Cider Velvet Cake

The flavor of an apple cider doughnut in a red velvet-like cake

Grappa Cheesecake

Cream cheese, sour cream and grappa blended to cheesecake perfection

Grappa-Orange White Cake

A light white butter cake flavored with grappa and orange

Grappa Cream Cheese Frosting

The flavor of grappa meets a simple cream cheese frosting

Grappa-Pistachio-Raisin Gelato

A rich gelato full of nuts and raisins augmented by the Italian liquor

Radical Orange Rum Sherbet

An intensely-flavored frozen dessert

Camelina Oil Cake

All the benefits of camelina oil in a simple but flavorful cake

Juniper Berry Traditional Pound Cake

A traditional pound cake flavored with juniper berries

51 Packet Ice Cream

A fun ice cream project for kids and adults to enjoy together

Mai Tai Cake

A cake with all the flavors of a Mai Tai

Jaggery Butter/Sauce

The taste of jaggery in a butter and sauce

Mai Tai Cookies

An easy, no-bake cookie with all the flavors of a Mai Tai

Jaggery Frosting

A soft and rich frosting with the taste of jaggery, almonds and lemon

Juniper Berry White Cake

A traditional white cake flavored only with juniper berries

Radical Dark Rum Sherbet

An intense frozen dessert for die-hard rum fans

Basic Doppio-Zero White Cake

A foundational cake using doppio-zero flour

Easy Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

A kid-friendly ice cream recipe

Jaggery Brownies

Brownies made with jaggery, not white sugar

Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies with Orange Zest

Rye and caraway meet the chocolate chip cookie, with an orange twist

Rye Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rye and caraway meet the chocolate chip cookie


My twist on the classic sable recipe

Ghee and Orange Juice Cake

When it's hot, but you still want cake, here's a light and airy one.

Waldorf Lasagna

A recipe inspired by an American culinary icon

Easy Peanut Shortbread

An easy cookie, fun to make with kids.

Hazelnut "Bagels" with "Cream Cheese"

It looks like a bagel with cream cheese, but it's a hazelnut and cocoa dessert.

Vegan Agave and Canola Oil Apple Cake

A dense and moist cake free of animal products

Experiment: Caraway Chocolate Chip Cookies

A culinary experiment in combining semi-sweet chocolate and caraway

Anise, Orange and Rose Cake

A trio of flavors in a synergistic cake

Apple Pie Lasagna

A hefty treat for the most hungry

Vegan Canola Oil White Cake

A basic and simple vegan cake with many applications

Jaggery Walnut Bar Cookies

A bar cookie combining the unique flavor of jaggery with walnuts and vanilla

Zinfandel Ice Cream with Semi-Sweet Chocolate (Philadelphia-style)

An adult ice cream for wine lovers

Canola Oil Yellow Cake

A light-and-fluffy version of yellow cake with canola oil replacing the butter

Sour Apple Ice Cream

A recipe for simple, tart ice cream for summer or fall

Warm Chardonnay Cake for Serving Ice Cream

A recipe for a warm wine cake to be used as a serving base for ice cream

New World Spice Ice Cream

A spicy ice cream with an unexpected taste.

The Goat and Duck Cake

Tired of cake made from cows and chickens? Try this recipe.

Ceylon Cinnamon and Peanut Butter in French Almond Ice Cream

A recipe using high-quality cinnamon and peanut butter

Jaggery French Vanilla Ice Cream

Smooth, rich ice cream full of jaggery

Easy Red Wine Cake with Canola Oil

A fast-and-easy recipe for the wine left over from dinner.

Record the Weights of Your Kitchen's Containers

Save some time by knowing your containers.

The Corn Cake Series: Lemon Variation

A lemon take on the basic corn cake

The Corn Cake Series: New World Spice Variation

A spicy take on the basic corn cake

The Corn Cake

A basic, foundational corn cake served for dessert

Cherry Coke Cake

A recipe that brings the flavors of a cherry Coke to a cake

Maximum-Flavor Chocolate Chip Cookies

Forget boring chocolate chip cookies. Try this recipe instead.

Warm Beurre Noisette Cake with Banana Sauce

Warm and sweet, this recipe is perfect for a winter night.

Beurre Noisette Buttercream

A meringue buttercream recipe with the rich flavor of beurre noisette

Warm Banana Dessert Sauce

A sweet, warm and thick dessert sauce.

An Accidental, Extremely Fudgy Chocolate Cake

A labor-intensive cake that is worth the effort

A Light and Downy (but Rich) White Cake

A recipe for a sophisticated white cake using the fat-jacket technique.

Lemony Deep-Fried Twinkies

A recipe for the carnival favorite

Quick Sugar-Free Peppermint Ice Cream

One of the easiest sugar-free ice cream recipes you can find

Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Love cheesecake but not sugar? Try this recipe.

Honey Walnut Cheesecake

A sophisticated, flavorful cheesecake recipe

A Frugal, Toasted Cake Topping

Information on topping a cake cheaply

Pumpkin and Devil's Food Cake

Combine devil's food and pumpkin synergistically

The Cookie That Really Crumbles

A crunchy treat, great for kids

Wine and Cheese Sundae

An iconoclastic sundae for your next dinner party

Canola Oil and White Cake

How to substitute canola oil for butter in white cake

Amaretto Doppio-Zero Sugar Cookies

A light, crisp cookie with a sandy texture and an intense almond taste

Coffee Sauce

A dessert sauce with many applications

Zinfandel Sauce

A dessert sauce made from wine